The song. / Piosenka.

Guys, I am still speechless. I don't think any words can't express how touched, happy and honoured we were to hear you guys perform at our wedding. Tom, Edd. What an incredible gift. Thank you. Tom, Edd, Kasia, Ola. Thank you so much for all the work you guys put into this song. I could … Continue reading The song. / Piosenka.


The most amazing presentation. / Najcudowniejsza prezentacja.

Dla tych, którzy przegapili ten niesamowity moment. Za cudowne chwile podczas wesela, za wspaniałą niespodziankę, za poświęcony czas i włożoną pracę - jeszcze raz dziękujemy! Ola, Klaudia, Bartosz, Dawid, jesteście wielcy! Xx PREZENTACJA Iza&Lewis *** For those who missed this incredible moment. For the wonderful time during the wedding, for the great surprise, for the … Continue reading The most amazing presentation. / Najcudowniejsza prezentacja.

Krakow’s famous obwarzanek. An introduction.

As promised, and article on the most delicious and iconic bread in Kraków: obwarzanek. I do hope all of you will find time to visit this amazing city (my favourite in the whole wide world!), and try obwarzanek. If not, do not worry! We have prepared a special Kraków Table, which will be available at … Continue reading Krakow’s famous obwarzanek. An introduction.