Big thank you! Dziękujemy!

It's hard to believe but we are already married! Back from the honeymoon, too, which was short but quite perfect. We both would like to thank everyone who was there with us, celebrating, partying and laughing together. Thank you all for great memories. Thanks to all of you, Lewis and me had a truly unforgettable … Continue reading Big thank you! Dziękujemy!


Krakow’s famous obwarzanek. An introduction.

As promised, and article on the most delicious and iconic bread in Kraków: obwarzanek. I do hope all of you will find time to visit this amazing city (my favourite in the whole wide world!), and try obwarzanek. If not, do not worry! We have prepared a special Kraków Table, which will be available at … Continue reading Krakow’s famous obwarzanek. An introduction.

A Foreigner’s Guide to Polish Weddings

I don't know how many of you had a chance to participate in Polish wedding craziness. It's a true survival for those who are not accustomed to partying hard, eating loads, and dancing til the shoes have to be taken off the swollen feet (and the dancing continues anyway, barefoot this time!). to make things … Continue reading A Foreigner’s Guide to Polish Weddings