Few videos from Iza's house and from the church. So. Many. Emotions.


Some videos from the hen party.

Posting some videos from the hen party. Thank you, Zuza for organising this amazing night. It was unforgettable. Girls. Thanks so much for giving me such an amazing sendoff into married life. I had loads and loads of fun. It was great seeing you all smile. Thanks for great memories X MAKE UP. / MAKIJAŻ.  … Continue reading Some videos from the hen party.

The song. / Piosenka.

Guys, I am still speechless. I don't think any words can't express how touched, happy and honoured we were to hear you guys perform at our wedding. Tom, Edd. What an incredible gift. Thank you. Tom, Edd, Kasia, Ola. Thank you so much for all the work you guys put into this song. I could … Continue reading The song. / Piosenka.