Kilka słów o pracy w kuchni. // Few words about working in the kitchen.

aho's homemade food

for Jota and Griego –
the other two of the Bermuda Triangle.

I worked in many restaurants before. My adventure with hospitality begun a long time ago: underaged and broke I searched for a place that would hire an outcast, a high-schooler who decided to become an adult prematurely. Knowing close to nothing about the city-life, a country bumpkin who has just left the secure and the known of the hamlet to conquer new lands – I couldn’t have had any preconceptions about the job hunting scene. To what extent was it a coincidence then, that while looking for a first job ever (being abruptly faced with the reality of paying own rent) I turned my eyes to the food industry?

The restaurant business is rough, you see. No matter a chef or a waiter, working in the food industry is for the tough-skinned. Forget about regular working hours, weekends…

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