The song. / Piosenka.

Guys, I am still speechless. I don’t think any words can’t express how touched, happy and honoured we were to hear you guys perform at our wedding.

Tom, Edd. What an incredible gift. Thank you.

Tom, Edd, Kasia, Ola. Thank you so much for all the work you guys put into this song. I could see you sneaking out on Friday and during the wedding to practise, what a commitment! You added magic to our wedding, made it into even more unforgettable evening. THANK YOU!


PS: Tom, if the song has a title, please share it with us! Lyrics, too x

Kochani, brak mi słów. Nie da się chyba wyrazić w słowach jak bardzo wzruszeni, szczęśliwi i zaszczyceni byliśmy słuchając Waszego koncertu podczas naszego wesela.

Tom, Edd. Cudowny prezent. Dziękujemy.

Tom, Edd, Kasia, Ola. Dziękujemy Wam za pracę, którą włożyliście w przygotowanie tej piosenki. Widziałam, jak się chowaliście po kątach w piątek i podczas wesela, żeby przećwiczyć piosenkę razem, byłam pod wrażeniem! Dodaliście magii do naszego wesela, sprawiliście, że był to jeszcze bardziej niezapomniany wieczór. DZIĘKUJEMY!



One thought on “The song. / Piosenka.

  1. Hi iza it was so awesome of you to let us perform I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    The wedding was beautiful and I had such a great time.

    The title of the song is: The Eastward Skies

    The Lyrics:

    When I wake up
    in the morning
    I feel the sunlight in my eyes

    I’m tossing
    And I’m turning
    As I look to
    the eastward skies

    Well, I feel my feet are burning
    And my body is so paralized

    But I’m not waiting, For anything
    To come As a surprise

    When I see that look in your eyes


    Well the problems that I’ve had
    Have flown away
    And the problems that I’ve had have
    Blown away

    As I look
    To the eastward skies
    As I look to the eastward skies

    Short straw x

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